Puffed up Doggo Kicks - 2 Colors!

For walks in the forest, to the busy metropolitan streets, Doggo shoes protect your furbaby's feet from sharp objects, ticks, broken glass, and the mind-blowing array of bacteria and viruses that we walk on every day! Put these on your Doggo during walk-time, and take them off after to keep the gross and dangerous outside where it belongs!


We recommend when choosing a size, you lean towards the larger size. Measuring a lifted Doggo's paw does not reflect the spreading that occurs when they step down. If possible, create an imprint to measure.


SIZE        LENGTH        WIDTH

1                1.57"              1.18"

2                1.77"              1.38"

3                1.88"              1.45"

4                1.96"              1.5"

5                2.36"              1.57"



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