Fleece Lined Doggo Vest - 3 Colors!

Your Doggo will be ready to face cold weather with this fleece lined vest! It features front snap buttons, making it easy to take on and off!
SIZE          BACK                NECK                BUST       
XS      10.24"/26CM     10.24"/26CM     13.39"/34CM
S        11.81"/30CM     11.81"/30CM     16.54"/42CM
M       13.78"/35CM     14.17"/36CM     18.90"/48CM
L        15.75"/40CM     15.75"/40CM      22.83"/58CM
XL      16.93"/43CM     18.90"/48CM     25.20"/64CM
XXL   18.50"/47CM     18.90"/48CM      27.56"/70CM
3XL    23.23"/59CM     21.26"/54CM     34.65"/88CM
Material: Polyester

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